goCY from Sudan YWCA

2010-2011 goCY from Sudan 


Photo by Maria Glena


We were four participant from Sudan YWCA who participated in goCY youth exchange program. There for we were all divided in to different countries  ,Sydonia was in Sri Lanka  YMCA in Asia ,Joy was in YWCA Kisumu and sometime Mombasa Mary went to Nairobi YWCA Kenya and I was in YMCA-YWCA  Guide and Scout in Norway. We have spent one year away from our families and our loved one, but for a very important popurse.

Which has made us to gain a  confident in leadership skill special on matter concerning woman and women’s  right valuation .Which has been   hardly being  practice in Sudan .This program has prepared us to be the weapon that will fight our enemies . And alongside that we are considered as the next leaders who will bring change in term of considering woman as something important to deal with when it comes to political matters .We are considered as a part of important thing in life, in order to reach that important thing we have to get prepared for it in advanced or to lay a foundation of what will be needed in the nearest future..

This program is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced I life .I have loved it and accept all the challenges as part of change. But all I know is right from the moment I came everything in me changed all my doubt and my warriors and misery were changed. And now I will leave my live I am not going to continue living peoples live I say it curiously.

Photo by David Diatto

My advice  to the next goCY  is don’t worry so much I know sometime staying far away from your family and the people we love is not an easy decision but just put in mind that it is a time in your  live where you have to leave everything a side and enjoy every bit of  moment in your live. There challenges but you have to accept the fact that there is reason why you were choice among the millions of youth in Sudan to represent your country. There for we should be aware that we are part of worldwide movement which leads to the increase on global engagement.

                                                        Writen by Jackie Bage

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Hello world what is YWCA??

The Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) was the daughter of the industrial revolution, which, from the middle of the nineteenth century started the movement of women and girls out of the home and rural areas and into factories throughout the Western world. Read more infomation about YWCA at http://www.worldywca.org/About-us/Our-History

YWCA is a progressive non profit organization detecated to achieving woman equality.

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